Filthy Rich of Boston
"Best of Boston 2010" for Costume Jewelry.
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From Filthy RichTM Roots

Filthy RichTM of Boston, the celebrated North End boutique and Boston Magazine 2010 award winner for ‘Best Costume Jewelry’, has risen as a favorite stop for shoppers around the world seeking dazzling replicas of jewelry originally worn by captivating stars of today and legends of the past. Its 2010 move to a larger store on Hanover Street has now provided space for expanded new collections of fun and chic jewelry that retail for $20 and under, making glamour available for truly every budget.

Filthy RichTM of Boston garnered its acclaim from the unique concept of featuring beautiful replicas of jewelry worn by world famous celebrities and designers at surprisingly affordable prices. The Jacqueline Kennedy Collection boasts nearly 100 replicas from Jackie’s personal collection, each with its own fascinating written history that is provided with each piece. Those who long for the enchantment of the renowned ‘Golden Era’ are transported back in time with Filthy RichTM of Boston’s Hollywood Collection, featuring pieces worn in famous films and photographs by silver screen legends like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. And for those of the modern persuasion, the Contemporary Collection includes pieces inspired by the hottest stars and designers of today, including Sandra Bullock, Chanel, and Tiffany’s. Made of pristine quality and affordably priced, these pieces fit seamlessly with the real gems housed in your jewelry box.

To the Glamour of Bling!

Bling! of BostonTM is the brainchild of owner, and Boston local, Amy Montminy.  She started her branch of Filthy RichTM in the Spring of 2009.  Amy received such a warm welcoming that she decided to expand into her very own Bling of BostonTM, while still remaining a part of the Filthy RichTM organization. 

Now when you visit Bling! of BostonTM you will find the original jewelry lines you've come to love, in addition to several new lines! 
Bling! of BostonTM is an exciting compilation of fun and funky collections that will satisfy any stylista’s accessory cravings without making her purse lighter. Perfect for gifts or the right touch to any outfit, these budget-friendly and trendy pieces are conveniently displayed outside of protective glass cases for customers to pick and choose as they like. A piece or two from these new and expansive collections of bling will leave guests looking as if they came right from the pages of a high fashion magazine.

Check out the Collection Galleries, or pop into the store, for a glimpse at our new look!

About Bling!

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